It’s been raining all day today, but I LOVE it. Philly is so humid that it’s actually nice to be wet, to walk about and not feel so damn cold. It actually reminds me of the time when I was in Rio de Janeiro completely soaking wet, but feeling completely beautiful, as if the place were getting rid of all these masks you’ve managed to hide behind when living in one place for maybe a bit too long.

Anyways, that’s what I love about traveling — not only because a new place could bring back some nostalgia and remind you of old places you’ve visited, but also because being in a new place makes you for the most part a minimalist; that is, enjoying a lot with so little. While I intentionally never carry much when I travel, usually packing a couple of hours before departure in order to forget things that I end up not needing, I’ve realized that being displaced will always be uncomfortable, and being uncomfortable forces you to focus more on the present and immediate future (like food, a bed, directions, etc.). Talk about refreshing.