I went to visit my close friend Diana in Boston this past weekend and we went sailing on the Charles River! The last time I went sailing was when I was eight years old with my father and cousins so it was both nostalgic and delightful just riding with the currents along the banks with the water reeds nearby. Anyways, I’ve been feeling stressed out, having not realized that moving across the country isn’t exactly easy. Yet on the boat ride, Diana tells me of her white water rafting trip and that as a rule, if you do fall out of the raft, protect your head and just RELAX. In fact, struggling might cost your life. So in other words, just ride through the struggles, accept where the currents are taking you, and eventually you’ll get somewhere calmer, possibly better. Now that’s a bit extreme: It’s difficult, even laughable, to imagine how I can die from the the current boat ride I’m on. In fact, I’m in a good place. Furthermore, I’m surrounded by inspirational people! I suppose I just need to relax and just enjoy where the currents of the world are taking me. So far, I’ve only seen better and better.