Only for now! My summer session with Pig Iron has just ended and oh my did I GROW UP a lot these past few weeks.

Here’s a highlight of my favourite moments at Pig Iron:

  • When I was told to be still on stage and breathe, I began weeping and Manu comes over and whispers to me that laughing comes from the same place too, which initiated in a me a series of laughter, smiles and finally calmness. It was incredibly cathartic to share my joy with the audience.
  •  Being a ninja. Yes, quite literally. We leaped over things and were being BADASS.
  • Transforming into a demon in front of a public audience. Epic
  • “Boyscouts of America” Act with Eileen and Mary. My name was Timothy Tyrannosaurus Tourettes.  Enough Said.
  • Saying HELL NO to my “auditioners.” I ended up ripping pieces of papers in front of them and say “Yea, that’s how you should approach life. If people don’t treat you right, just rip pieces of paper in front of them.”
  • We had to perform a gag in front of the audience with a chair. I simply had no idea what to do so I said, “I believe, I believe, like ducks in the water, I believe” and subsequently crashed into the chair. Hey, it worked.
  • On another note, my second gag was better and brought a lot more laughs when I used the stool as a map and noted that we’re going in circles.

Goodbye, Pig Iron. I’ll see you in the fall!

Now, here I come NEW YORK CITY: oh the promise of adventure, everything possible.