It’s been my first week here in Philly and oh my how different this city is from San Francisco — the weather is humid, the city flat and the rent cheap. The art is explosive here as well, especially in the visuals arts, performance arts and music. Training at Pig Iron doesn’t start till tomorrow so I’ve been spending my free time exploring the city, apartment hunting, even sketching and cooking a bit as I get my bearings living here in Philly.

My living situation has been great — I’m living with Emmanuelle and her 5-year old son, Hugo. A Parisian director is also staying for a week or two to rehearse with Emmanuelle, who by the way also teaches at my school! Anyways, hearing French all the time is wonderful and I’m learning the perks of living without a microwave too.

Here’s to life, transitions and much more! I’m now your kickass East Coast girl.