I will not lie to you. It’s been a struggle for me the last couple of days, not only adjusting to East Coast life, but also stretching myself as a performer by creating characters and scenarios on the spot. In fact, I was in a bit of rut yesterday and began doubting my decision to move to Philadelphia in October. However, today I’ve realized that at Pig Iron, I’ve been continually challenged, terrified OUT OF MY MIND, pushed, exposed to new sides of myself, performing in front of an audience and still laughing in spite of it all every single day. Most importantly, I’ve learned about dealing with the unknown, which in actuality is the real thing rather than some fantasy you’ve kept anticipating before even playing out life on stage. It’s fine to have a plan and hope for the best, but I think at the end of it, you’re still not sure what to expect and must deal with that. If I leave Pig Iron with anything, it would be that I am learning to face the grand unknown dead on and BREATHE. Additionally, when I questioned my decision to enter Pig Iron’s training program this fall, I made a pro and con list. On the con list, I also asked if it was solvable. So when I wrote that I may not be ready for the program, I replied, “Yes, that’s solvable. Just dive.”

Okay, I’m gonna turn in my enrollment form tomorrow.