Yes, I was invited to an all female-artist party at a friend of a friend’s apartment. It was simply amazing. Aside from being a girls’ night out, it was just fun talking about how much we have in common and coming from SF, that’s a good thing to have when meeting new people in a strange city. Most importantly, based on my new friends’ personal experiences, what I’ve read from the newspapers have been correct — artists here can make a living pursuing their art and have a supportive community to make that possible. In fact, about 100 small theatre companies were created in Philly in the last two years. That’s crazy and pretty unheard of in SF. My New York friends have also recently told me that NYC is now becoming more of a showcase city and that many of the shows that “make” it there actually didn’t start out there, but in places like Chicago or Philly. The reason? Well, because it simply costs too much to open there (at least $20,000 minimum for a 3-week, bare-boned show) — so another reason why more and more artists are moving here. I guess, I’ve chosen a good place to “start” art. Awesome!