I’ve just started the Pig Iron Summer Intensive! And I like it here already. There was a lot of jumping, crawling, scouting, worming, elephanting, and any “–ing” you can think of. I guess the keyword today was action through reaction. For this to work, you must really focus on unfolding the images in the space before you using your entire being (i.e. your senses, your belief, your physical body). It helps to think of the focus being on the space rather than on yourself because in reality that’s what the audience sees — whatever you, the performer, is seeing! In other words, no need to telegraph; just be present, responsive and listening. Break habits and this need to invent. Instead, BREATHE. Be precise and sensitive to how and what you are reacting to.

During the warm-up, we played an ice-breaker by introducing our name with a gesture in a circle. However the catch is that each of the group members has to replicate that name and gesture based on how the person before you said your name with the gesture. When I did mine, it was polite and tentative (thanks social norms). Within minutes, the group transformed it into something wild and magnificent. That happened to nearly everyone. It’s amazing how a collective could see the potential of what you have to offer and make that bigger. For me, it’s the group’s way of saying be FIERCE.