Outside near Pig Iron

And I mean that quite literally. It’s been raining all day and it still was as I walked to the bus stop after school. On my way, however, I saw the sun peek beneath the vast gray cloud overhead and beneath the sun’s rays was an old abandoned building. It was stunning. It was just a moment, but it was that moment, that yes moment, that moment of why I came here, across the country, for no other reason (esp. if all else fails) than to witness this. I just stood there, savoring the beauty of it all, and stared across the field of grass (which I assumed was another empty lot as is common here in Philly) where this picture was being created. I thought of the world’s ancients — the mountains, the terrain, the clouds — and how them being a bit more permanent than we are perhaps the greater force affecting us. Therefore, by being present in the moment, being aware of pictures like this, I’m already being affected, already reacting to the space before me. Maybe that’s why I feel so at ease at moments like this: I feel like I’m just taking my place in the world by simply being me.