Yes, that’s what we learned in Jeu this week- how to be a bunch of ponies, and convincing ones too! It was incredibly fun, but only when we started to outcompete one another to be the ‘prettiest pony.’ Furthermore, our teacher Geoff Sobelle raised stakes by adding obstacles, such as benches, for us to leap over and by poking fun at us. He would say things like “Stop being shy and scared ponies, play to win!” and “Take a chance, have fun!” Ultimately, he encouraged us to make bigger choices and be at the center of things. It goes without saying that by taking risks, we not only change our actions, but also change other people’s actions in the room simply because they’ll begin responding/reacting differently to you.

So my big takeaway of Pig Iron’s second week is this: We are all catalysts acting in a collective. As an agent of action, you are invariably reacting to another’s action. Catalyst and collective becomes interchangeable, which is both empowering and intimidating. You are then one reacting action acting in reaction! But what does this tell us about human nature?


Oh yea, that’s my pony-self talking.