From the showcase:

Going Marbles

As the name might suggest, this piece involves playing with one’s perceived reality and imagination. Actual marbles (no surprise there!) and doors are used and serve as memory triggers, residues of what has just occurred, the impetus for opening new worlds and possibilities. The piece overall takes a surrealist feel and explores the states of being both awake and dreaming. Consequently, the events occurring throughout the piece can never be classified as “real” or not. In fact, it doesn’t matter. The dancers experience both the joys and nightmares of each state, ultimately taking action based on their immediate, “true” feelings and henceforth create the dance being witnessed before you.

Dancers: Sara Kei, Shelly Manber
Music Credits: Ryan Huber

Special thanks and love to Lisa Wymore, Caitlin Marshall’s awesome Theatre 11 class, and of course my family & friends!