Independence Day Celebration

Downtown, in Monteverde. September 15, 2014.

Today is Costa Rica’s Independence Day! We left the biological station early this morning to see the parade commemorating the independence of the entire Central America from Spain in 1821. News of Costa Rica’s independence reached the nation’s people a month after the declaration of independence took place in Guatemala; hence, September 15th being the day where we all go out and celebrate!

Since Independence Day is marked as an official national holiday in Costa Rica, everyone here takes a day off from work to join in on the festivities (so no Spanish class today–they’ll be out drinking with you!).  Laughter and good food abound while patriotic parades and the singing of the National Anthem could be experienced everywhere in all parts of Costa Rica.

We also saw children and elders in traditional costumes perform typical dances while school bands march along the streets, beating their drums and lyres. As demonstrated by the pictures below, it was definitely a vibrant and colorful procession to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages!