Oct 30. 2014


  • Reviewed documents and site plans at the Monteverde Institute
  • Analysis of tourist organizations
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The weather was bad for data collection at Bajo del Tigre and Felipe broke his foot so what I had planned for the day was put on hold and I decided to head to the library at the Monteverde Institute to make sense of what I’ve learned and gathered so far.

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Below is tourist paraphernalia:

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Here’s how Selvatura, the Disney World of adventure tourism, markets its brochure. Notice how they prioritize their activites.

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Here’s a brochure on the desk, educating the person about the effects of global warming:

DSCF2097 DSCF2093 DSCF2094DSCF2101



What’s Next:

  • Lectures, interviews, documentary and field trips regarding ecotourism in Monteverde with Gisella Fernández Estrada!