Oct 28. 2014


  • Observation and data collection at the Biological Station (6:15-10:15am)
  • Some brainstorming
  • Reviewing past site plans

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and though it did get windy later on, I still got to see hundreds of hummingbirds and butterflies fluttering about in the garden at the Biological Station today. It was incredibly peaceful and tranquil being at this garden this morning. Walking around was contemplative and I can hear myself taking slower, fuller breaths as I relax among the greenery around me. The following are my observations:

  • There’s a forest nearby so most of the bird calls I’m hearing are coming from there (and not recorded)
  • This garden is located at a higher elevation, in a wetter environment
  • Hummingbirds are incredibly territorial, especially the stripe-tailed hummingbird, which chirps and scares off the others.
  • Insects come after the hummingbirds around 8am.
  • Most activity occurs around the Stachytarpheta frantzii, perhaps because they are the most brightly colored and the most congregated?
  • Butterflies will travel, pick and choose which flowers they want to feed on.

Data sheet below:


I brainstormed a bit on how I want to bring more biodiversity to Santa Elena. I came up with two scenarios that would incorporate more biodiverse spaces: 1) redesigning a public space, such as a part of the space available at Colegio Santa Elena, for everyone to enjoy 2) educating homeowners and business owners in growing their own native plant gardens.


Below are more pictures of the the Biological Station’s garden. See if you can spot the hummingbirds!

Biostation72 BioStation71


BioStation67 BioStation66


BioStation63 BioStation62 BioStation61 BioStation51


BioStation41 BioStation35 BioStation33 BioStation27 BioStation31 BioStation30 BioStation29 BioStation28 BioStation26 BioStation25 BioStation24 BioStation23

During the second¬†part of my data collection, I observed at the other side of the garden and got to sit on a bench, where I realized I am simulating a visitor experience. It was nice place to be at and have lunch. It was also pleasing to see so many hummingbirds, which by now I have taken for granted, and I see them fluttering from one Stacyterpheta frantzii bush far in front of me to the one of the same species right behind me. I’ve also noticed that the hummingbirds and butterflies bustle in and out like the traffic flow of a restaurant; they come in congregates and then nothing.

BIoStation68 BioStation47 BioStation22 BioStation21

The tree next to my bench was a guava tree and the fermenting fruit on the ground attracted many Morpho peleides.


And here are my friends chilling and laughing in the garden!

DSCF1687 BioStation88

What’s next:

  • Orientation with Willow Z. at Escuela Creativa.
  • Explore downtown Santa Elena and take notes on public spaces, gardens and general area.
  • Continuing reviewing site plans.
  • Hand out surveys.