Nov 14. 2014


  • Amazing conversation with developer, Angela Lau
  • Conversation scripts

“Drink coffee while seeing butterflies and hummingbirds”

Scripted conversations:

Who: a couple (they are tourists)

Entry point

  • Julien: Hi sweetie! Where do you feel like eating at today?
  • Theresa: Hmmm, someplace outside. It’s such a beautiful day!
  • J: You’re right. Hmm do you like coffee? <3
  • T: Yea, sure!
  • J: Hmm, well everywhere has coffee so that’s not narrowing down our options…
  • T: That’s okay sweetie, whatever is fine.
  • J: Well, are you craving anything in particular?
  • T: Hmm, anything is fine.
  • J: Okay, so someplace outside…
  • T: Yea, why not? We can see some butterflies, maybe hummingbirds!
  • J: Oh! My friend told me about this app…
  • T: Oh yes?
  • J: Well, apparently the app rates the restaurants based on whether they have some specific plants or not. For example one restaurant might have 3 stars because they have 3 of these plants.
  • T: Oh, so what’s so special about these plants?
  • J: Well, actually these are plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so wherever you see these plants, you would expect to find butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • T: Oh, so if these restaurants have these plants–
  • J: you’re more likely to see butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • T: Oh that’s so cool! Honey, check which ones have a 5-star rating.
  • J: Alright darling. Let me download it first, sweetie!


  • Theresa: Honey, how does this app work?
  • Julien: Well, it’s a little bit like Yelp,
  • T: Yea?
  • J: Yea, it’s very similar. You can see a list of restaurants with their ratings. And there’s a map that shows you where all the restaurants are located.
  • T: Does this app also have the the restaurants’ hours, address and price range?
  • J: Yes. And also it shows you what plants each restaurant has and what animals it attracts, such as butterflies, hummingbirds, even bats.
  • T: Oh, that’s pretty cool. What happens if I want to know more about the plants themselves?
  • J: Oh, that’s easy. Just click on the plant and a description of the plant will come up. You can see photos of the plant up close, you can see how often it flowers or if it produces fruit, you can see what kind of environments it tolerates, how easy it is to grow, if the plant has an aromatic smell, why it is good for the environment, and of course what butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the plant.
  • T: So why these plants? Aren’t there more plants in Monteverde that attract butterflies and hummingbirds?
  • J: Well, on the methods tab, it tells you that there are many native plants in Monteverde that attract these animals. And according to this study done in native plant gardens around here, these 5 plants attract the most butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.
  • T: So what characteristics do these plants have that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, whatever?
  • J: Well, the app says the reasons are not exactly known for why these plants attract more butterflies and hummingbirds than others, but one possibility is accessibility. So if a plant like the Stachyterpheta frantzii flowers year round, they are more likely to attract butterflies and hummingbirds than plants that only flower for part of the year. Another factor is the physical make-up of the plant, such as its color, its smell, its shape, like how the Hamelia patens has evolved to fit the beak of a hummingbird, yea things like that.
  • T: Wow, you know so much about plants, darling!
  • J: Haha, thanks sweetie.
  • T: Tell me more! Like, how do I know if other plants attract butterflies or not?
  • J: Ugh, hmm well that’s all I know.
  • T: Aww…
  • J: Well, wait sweetie. There’s this tab here that gives a list of people and organizations that you can contact if you’re interested in knowing more about all this, including native plant gardens, plant ecology, even landscape design! I know you’re interested in that sort of thing sweetie.
  • T: Oh darling, that’s awesome. According to the app, this Felipe guy is the man to go to if I want to know more about landscape design. Let’s have coffee with him!
  • J: Okay! I have his number so… where we should go?
  • T: Sweetie, duh. Find a place with the app!
  • J: Alright, sweetie. Stella’s bakery it is!

Who: Biologist and friend

Entry Pt + Functionality

  •  Tom: Johel, where’s a nice place to eat around here?
  • Johel: Well, what do you mean by nice?
  • T: Um, you know. A nice place to sit with plants around and stuff.
  • J: Well, last fall this student, for her independent project, made this app that rates restaurants based on what plants they have and which would attract the most butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • T: Oh cool! So if I go to 5 star restaurant, I’m definitely gonna see some butterflies right?
  • J: Well, no. It just means you’re more likely to see these animals than others. There are many factors to consider. Like if the plant is in flower, if it’s fruiting, even how tall it is.
  • T: Oh I see. The app has that info right?
  • J: Yea, it does. But let me show you something. See that Cecropia? See how large it is.
  • T: Yea?
  • J: Well first, a restaurant may not even have a Cecropia that big and even if it did, you wouldn’t really be able to see the bats.
  • T: Ah.
  • J: However…

 Trees come in different sizes and affect animal visitations. Another shrub plant instead of a Cecropia.

Who: Biologist and friend

Missed Opportunity

  • Lilia: Johel, where’s a good place to eat here?
  • Johel: Oh, that Italian place right across the Bat Jungle.
  • L: Ok, thanks!

Who: Biology teacher and biology student

Entry Point

  • Theresa: Moncho, where should I eat! That pizza restaurant down the road?
  • Moncho: No
  • T: Why not?!
  • M: That restaurant pollutes the river.
  • T: Oh, so where’s a good place to eat?
  • M: Do you still have that booklet of all the restaurants with the ratings you could eat at.
  • T: Um….
  • M: Did you lose it?
  • T: Um…
  • M: It’s okay. Just download the app: CoffeeWithNectar
  • T: K Thanks!

 What kind of rating is this? Eco-rating, green rating

Who: Tourists

Expectations of CR

  • Erin: Oh that canopy tour was awesome!
  • Kennan: Yea it was! Did you see those birds? It was wicked!
  • E: Yea, it was! I hope we can see them again.
  • K: I’m sure we will. I mean that was what my travel agent said. Monteverde is the place to go for wildlife.
  • E: And the natural beauty.
  • K: Yes.
  • E: Hey, I’m feeling hungry. Let’s grab a bite before the night walk.
  • K: Ok. How about Johnny’s?
  • E: Ugh no, I didn’t come here to eat at another rainforest café. Isn’t there a place where we can see some wildlife too. I mean look at this; there’s forest everywhere. There’s bound to be creatures everywhere we’ll go.
  • K: Oh so something like the restaurant at Cerro de la Muerte? You know, that place where we got to see all the hummingbirds from the window we were sitting at?
  • E: Well, that was pretty cool, but they had nectar feeders. I rather see hummingbirds feeding on real plants, you know what I mean? Like I’m interested to see what kind of plants those hummers are into.
  • K: Yea, I always think plants add something to the ambiance.

 So is about plants or is about the animals? The interaction. Curiosity about animals => learning about plants that attract them. Curiosity about plants => learning about animals that are attracted to them.

 While exploring the app

  • E: This is so cool, if I click on this restaurant, I can see what plants the restaurant has as well as what animals we can possibly see if we’re there.
  • K: Aww man…
  • E: What?
  • K: Well I wanted to know more about bats, but when I click on it, nothing pops up. I wish they had more info about them like they do for the plants.

 Add info to animal icons. Something people may click on.

What’s Next:

  • Figuring out the wording for the website/app
  • Site analysis of the construction site
  • Content for the plants’ bios
  • Rating the restaurants
  • Finding appropriate pictures for the website/app