Nov 9.. 2014


  • Ideation
  • Conceptual Design(s)
  • Stats
  • Creativa Escuela Interview

“To understand the fashion of any life, one must know the land it is lived in and the procession of the year.” – Mary Austin, “The Land of Little Rain”

I was frustrated and lost trying to figure out what I can design to beautify Santa Elena, but after talking to a couple of people, I finally came up with 3 designs that correlates with the three scenarios that I originally came up with to frame my designs:

DSCF2642 DSCF2643 DSCF2645 DSCF2646 DSCF2649


Yup, keeping it real simple. I just can’t believe that I am accomplishing what I came to Costa Rica for–to design based on ecological observations/principles.

I went to interview Carol, one of the staff members at Escuela Creativa. She gave me useful insights!

  • ProNativas and volunteers work together to maintain the thematic gardens in CEC.
  • There’s no formal curriculum, but teachers use the gardens to teach students about native versus invasive plants, species identification, etc.
  • ProNativas has offered their posters to be hung in classrooms in order to educate students about native plants in Monteverde
  • Pruning is like a getting a haircut; everyone has different tastes.
  • Policy here is that all gardens, except the International Peace garden, only fosters native plants.
  • Santa Elena, Cerro Plano, etc are part of the Monteverde ZONE, not Monteverde itself.
  • ProNativas no longer maintains the garden as it was too much for Lorenzo, being the only gardener in ProNativas to come to the school every month. Instead he has trained the maintenance group at CEC. HOWEVER, I noticed today one of my favourite plants (Rondeletia amoena) here was removed so perhaps ProNativas may need to implement a formal curriculum/standarization method during their workshops.
DSCF2652 DSCF2655 DSCF2656 DSCF2657 DSCF2658 DSCF2659 DSCF2660 DSCF2661 DSCF2662 DSCF2665 DSCF2666 DSCF2669 DSCF2670 DSCF2671 DSCF2674 DSCF2676 DSCF2677 DSCF2679 DSCF2681 DSCF2682 DSCF2684 DSCF2686 DSCF2687 DSCF2689 DSCF2691 DSCF2692 DSCF2696 DSCF2699 DSCF2700 DSCF2701 DSCF2703

DSCF2709 DSCF2710 DSCF2711

Some final stats:

DSCF2705DSCF2706DSCF2707 DSCF2708

App mood boards (pictures taken from CPI, my spanish school):

DSCF2625 DSCF2626

What’s next:

  • Exploring Santa Elena with my advisor
  • Continue refining my app idea
  • Continue researching on landscape designing Villa Verde’s construction site