In Fall 2014, I pursued a research project in Monteverde involving butterflies, hummingbirds, native plant gardens, bird calls, the voices of tourists and Ticos living in Santa Elena, past site plans at the Monteverde Institute, the consultation of expert opinion– ranging from botany to landscape design to ecotourism and more– all within the span of a month. My aim was to find ways in which I can design the ideal and necessary conditions for bringing more biodiversity into an urban space such as Santa Elena. Below you will find my thoughts, observations and design process. You can also check out the project’s prototype, Coffee with Nectar as well as my presentation:

  • Day 22

    Back to the drawing board.

  • Day 21

    Monteverde Institute reading

  • Day 20

    Site maps, final plants and some good news

  • Day 19

    Back to the drawing board and some coffee!

  • Day 18

    Conceptual design, scripted conversations

  • Day 14

    Ideation, Stats, Creativa Escuela, Conceptual design(s) found decided!

  • Day 13

    Storyboarding, Personas, Refining Ideas

  • Day 12

    Ideation, Focus area: Villa Verde & some schematics!

  • Day 10

    Field Research around downtown Santa Elena.

  • Day 9

    Field research at ecotouristic destinations around Santa Elena.

  • Day 8

    Field Research at the Monteverde Cloud Reserve & Children's Eternal Rainforest.

  • Day 7

    Field Research at the Monteverde Institute.

  • Day 6

    Field Research at Escuela Creativa

  • Day 5

    Field Research at the Biological Station.

  • Day 4

    Field Research at the Biological Station.

  • Day 3

    Field Research at Monteverde Centro & Bajo del Tigre.

  • Day 2

    Field research at Monteverde Centro, Stella's Bakery, Monteverde Institute & the Biological Station.

  • Day 1

    Field Research at Monteverde Centro & the Monteverde Institute.

  • Proposal

    initial ideas for a research project that will surely evolve in the next month!