A typical Vietnamese dish, home cooked and family style.

As I spend time cooking and shopping for groceries at home in San Francisco with my mom, not only am I exploring my Vietnamese roots with her, but also learning about the adaptations that my mom has taken in order to accommodate an American lifestyle as well as the health benefits that come along with cooking at home and incorporating fresh veggies and broth into your diet as custom in Vietnamese cooking. I am astounded by the fact that though my parents fled from Saigon with nothing but practically their clothes on their backs due to the Vietnam War, they have still managed to recreate some of their Vietnamese traditions from back home, namely through food. In fact, many of the Vietnamese dishes that my mom cooks for us have been passed down to her from my grandmother, but unfortunately oral tradition has not been able to preserve all the wonderful dishes my grandmother has cooked before she passed away. Lesson learned, I am creating this recipe box below with my mom in order to preserve some of that Vietnamese tradition as well as share some pretty mean dishes with some of my mom’s common sense on cooking!