1. Presentation

    Below is my presentation to a cohort of tropical ecologists!

  2. Day 22

    Back to the drawing board.

  3. Day 21

    Monteverde Institute reading

  4. Day 20

    Site maps, final plants and some good news

  5. Day 19

    Back to the drawing board and some coffee!

  6. Day 18

    Conceptual design, scripted conversations

  7. Day 17

    Wireframes, Felipe Negrini

  8. Day 14

    Ideation, Stats, Creativa Escuela, Conceptual design(s) found decided!

  9. Day 13

    Storyboarding, Personas, Refining Ideas

  10. Day 12

    Ideation, Focus area: Villa Verde & some schematics!

  11. Day 10

    Field Research around downtown Santa Elena.

  12. Unraveling the Amazon with a Single Tree

    Today, rainforest wood prevails in almost all the wood products we owe—from floors, chairs, plunger handles, to even pencils. It’s everywhere. Well, not at the rate we’re going with tropical timber extraction. Once upon a time it used to be that 12% of Earth’s total land surface, roughly 16 million square kilometers, consisted of tropical… read more