1. Jacuzzi Night

    Amid our ongoing research project, our professors decided to host a Jacuzzi party so that we can mingle, laugh and enjoy some pizza. I forget how important it is to just relax, especially when you’ve been working hard for a while, and I’m so glad to have joined the festivity, dipping my bug-bitten legs into… read more

  2. Climbing a Tree-killer

    After a couple of hours hiking uphill and going through a couple of mudslides along the way on a trail near the biological station in Monteverde, we finally came across a “Matapalo,” otherwise known as the tree-killer. You wouldn’t have guessed it, but this name refers to a plant species of the genus Ficus, our… read more

  3. Living in Philadelphia

    It’s been my first week here in Philly and oh my how different this city is from San Francisco — the weather is humid, the city flat and the rent cheap. The art is explosive here as well, especially in the visuals arts, performance arts and music. Training at Pig Iron doesn’t start till tomorrow… read more