May 4, 2015.

Theresa Thao Nguyen was born and raised in San Francisco surrounded by loud liberals, louder gays and the green compost bins.

At UC Berkeley, she caught both the traveling and drama bug. This not only led her to sing, dance, act, stage manage, choreograph and direct on campus, but also led her to an adventure in China, backpacking trips through 20+ countries in Europe, studying theatre in Ireland and London, dancing in Brazil and Cuba, acting in New York City and devising ensemble-based performances in Philadelphia. Long story short, traveling fuels Theresa’s love for the arts, and the arts have taken her everywhere.

travel and art souvenirs
travel souvenirs

While her background lies mostly in cognitive science and math, her love for the performing arts drew her to train in physical theatre with Pig Iron’s School for Advanced Performance Training in fall 2014. During the spring, she studied the visual arts at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and freelanced as a videographer for local theatre companies and museums.

She then discovered her passion for design, prototyping and technology in summer workshops hosted by the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and has recently applied her learning abroad in a research project centered around tropical ecology & conservation in Costa Rica. This has culminated in designing an app that educated the public on Monteverde’s biodiversity by rating restaurants that currently operate there.

She believes that intersecting technology with the arts not only evokes empathetic responses and targets a larger demographic, but also innovates our approach towards social issues such as sustainability, trauma and identity, the relationship between food, health and the environment. Consequently, she uses film and animation to tell people’s stories, to clarify a need and communicate novel/unorthodox designs.

Theresa uses this site to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, to post her work, and to share her experiences both as a growing designer and artist with a constant thirst for adventure.

Fun Facts:

  • Austria’s her favourite European country— hence the domain name!
  • She’ll be taking up piano again because although she has successfully performed a piece for the Theatre & Dance Department’s graduation ceremony, she hasn’t played in over ten years and feels quite guilty for having pulled it off.